Now you are part of the change in the Energy Revolution.

If it were only about economic benefits, nothing would change. You know you have to look beyond.

As an investor you have in your hand the possibility of achieving a financial return, while generating a positive impact in line with your values of environmental protection.

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Who benefits from green electricity generation?

Up to now, the big losers in the traditional system of energy generation and sale have been the consumers.

On the one hand, the energy that reaches their homes is not 100% from renewable sources. On the other hand, they are paying high tariffs marked by the price of gas and other energy sources that emit polluting gases into the atmosphere.

For things to change, we need the involvement of all actors, and for the solution to encompass sustainability and profitability for all.

The (real) alternative is to invest in photovoltaic power generation for collective self-consumption through Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Where investors choose which project they want to finance and where a level playing field in terms of profitability is offered to individuals, companies, funds, management companies…

Why through tokens?

Part of the viability of each PV power generation project depends on financing. So exclusive reliance on traditional banking means that nothing will change. May everything continue as it has been. They continue to profit, because investment in renewables is very profitable.

A better world implies sustainability, yes. But also that the distribution of benefits be for society as a whole.

If investing in green electricity brings significant returns, why not democratize it and offer the possibility of benefiting large investors and small savers alike?

That is why Valfry Solar opts for financing through tokens.

Through a smart contract, with all legal guarantees.
Transactions controlled by the CNMV.
The bureaucracy involved in owning shares in a business is eliminated.
If you need to, you can sell your tokens to a third party or through a liquidity pool.

Profitability within everyone's reach

Do you have your money sitting idle in the bank? Laughter is what the banks get when you ask them for interest for the custody of your savings…

Large companies are already investing in renewable energies because it is a booming market and they get a very interesting return with the security they need.

At Valfry Solar we want to make it possible for everyone to participate: that anyone has the option to invest. With returns higher than any fund offers (or will offer) to individuals. Few laughs with this.

Thanks to decentralized finance, today you too can participate in the financing of our green energy generation projects in a simple way and with more than affordable capital.

Minimum investment of 50 € in Tokens.
You choose the project.
With a single interlocutor: Valfry Solar
Without intermediaries, you directly support the energy producer.
With the guarantee that there is an asset behind it (the solar plants).
Monthly profit after start-up from the sale of green energy

Invest your values

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From only 50 € in Security Tokens (STO).

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Do you represent a professional investor or a company?

Access to STO from a minimum investment of €10,000.

We collaborate with fund managers, investment funds, financial institutions, companies and SMEs that are committed to sustainability.

I am a professional investor

Is it a good idea to invest in Valfry's renewable projects?

How do you feel when you receive the notification of your electricity bill?

You are not the only one who is trapped in the traditional system of the big utilities.

But we are undoubtedly experiencing a paradigm shift: people are mobilizing to demand an accelerated energy transition, more and more electric cooperatives are being created in neighborhood communities, photovoltaic power plants are growing to increase the supply of renewable energy…

What is happening with renewables?

Consumers are increasingly demanding it as an alternative to fossil fuels.
Alternatives are being sought to reduce the cost of electricity bills.
Sustainability is no longer optional. It is necessary and the European Union is strongly committed to it.
Everyone should be involved: young and old.

The truth is that investment in renewables is one of the safest, since they have a physical asset behind them (the installations themselves and the assured sale of the electricity generated).

In Valfry Solar we choose the projects and check their viability, we generate the energy, we sell it to the final consumer without them having to assume costs or risks in the installation, we create local jobs (installers and maintenance), we help reduce energy costs to municipalities, industries and small towns… We all win.

To make it happen, the only thing missing is you, with your investment.

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Still in doubt?

Transparency is one of Valfry Solar’s core values. Therefore, we will try to answer some reasonable doubts you may have:

  • Why through tokens?
    Because the revolution has to be a digital one, where access to opportunities is opened up to everyone, but not to the detriment of security. Disengaging from centralised finance is the way to change the current situation and become independent of geopolitical interests.
  • What is a token?

    Tokens are the digital representation of the value of an asset on the Blockchain. They represent the value of that asset and in this way we obtain financing.

    The purchase of tokens is done through a smart contract and to all intents and purposes is as if a virtual notary were signing it. The legal validity is equivalent. The purchase is registered digitally, it is more agile and just as secure.

  • Is investing in tokens safe?

    Each project is supervised by the CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) directly or by an investment services company authorised by the CNMV.

    In addition, the creation of these tokens is backed by the assets themselves. That means that there is a physical asset backing it.

    What we do is digitise financial assets (each of the PV generation projects) and trade them to raise finance

  • How to buy tokens?

    At Valfry we have our own platform for the management of Security Token Offering (STO).

    The first thing you have to do is register as an investor on the platform. You will then be asked for data to validate your identity. It is also a legal requirement to know the origin of the money to be invested and the financial knowledge of each participant (this is also mandatory in conventional banking).

    Once you have purchased tokens, you will be able to monitor the process at any time, check the movements in your wallet, etc.

  • What is an STO?

    STO in English is a Financial Token Offering. These are not ordinary tokens, but tokens that represent the ownership interest in the value of an associated asset. In our case, the asset is the solar plant and also the electricity. The investment is backed by the assets.

  • How is the investment process?

    You subscribe so that as we develop new projects and funding rounds open we can inform you

    To invest, you register on the platform. There you will always have access to your wallet information in real time.

  • What return will I get on my investment?

    That will depend on the individual solar electricity generation projects we create. There will be some PV plants that are more technically and physically challenging and will have lower returns.

    But we don't like prevarication, so we tell you that if we are not able to deliver a minimum return of 5%, we will scrap the project (for our own sake, too).

    What we intend is to share profits with all those who join our initiative. Therefore, we consider a project in which the range of returns is between 5% and 8% to be viable.

    Subscribe to the Valfry community and you will receive specific information every time an investment opportunity arises.

    Each project has its own whitepaper. It details the economic data, the number of tokens on offer, the business plan, etc. This document is supervised by the CNMV.

    With all the documentation, you decide how much to invest.

  • What is Valfry Solar's business?

    We are producers of green energy. With our own projects, which we develop and manage. Our business is the sale of the electricity obtained in photovoltaic plants for collective self-consumption. For this, we assume the costs of the installation, so that the end customer benefits without initial investment.

  • What is not Valfry Solar?

    We are not an intermediary platform for finding investors for other people's projects. Nor do we do individual installations for private homes. We do for industrial environments or for municipalities and neighbourhoods.

  • What are the advantages of this investment compared to a fund?

    All of them. You see, to start with, the returns you will receive are nowhere near what centralised finance will offer you as an individual. What is interesting is reserved for large investors.

    Moreover, in this case it is you who decides who you finance with your money. In an investment fund, they don't pay so much attention to reputation and sustainability objectives. At Valfry Solar we are looking for a win-win situation for consumers, investors and the planet. You decide.

Are you concerned about the current pattern of energy dependence?

Now you can be part of the energy revolution by becoming an investor in our green electricity generation projects for collective self-consumption.

You do your bit for the producer to implement and exploit the solar plant. You get profitability and participate in the change.

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