We want you to be part of the change.

Invest in Valfry Solar's upcoming photovoltaic power generation projects for collective self-consumption.

Profitability, safety and sustainability.

We generate and sell green electricity at a fair price: you finance it in exchange for a good return. Secure investments through tokenization of PV assets.

We all win, will you join us?

Unless you live on another planet (or if you are Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Richard Branson, who are in the race to be the first to take tourists into space), you have already realised that the global trend is towards 100% sustainable energy sources to replace fossil fuels.

Going one step further, it would be madness not to opt for self-consumption of photovoltaic energy in a country like Spain. It is clean energy and we enjoy a privileged climate. Not to mention the reduction of pollutant emissions, because we all breathe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...

But for there to be a real transformation, it is also important to eliminate intermediaries and simplify bureaucracy. Thanks to decentralised finance, it is now possible to carry out transactions using blockchain technology, which facilitates accessibility and guarantees transparency.

At Valfry Solar we believe that a true energy revolution cannot be achieved without changing the way we do things: eliminating intermediaries, creating projects where everyone benefits and taking advantage of the decentralization of finance.

Valfry Solar generates green electricity, thanks to photovoltaics, and sells it to individuals and companies at a lower price than traditional electricity companies.

What does Valfry Solar do?

We are a producer of 100% photovoltaic electricity for collective and industrial self-consumption.


We generate 100% sustainable electricity.


We sell it for consumption to municipalities, neighbourhoods or industries.


We assume the costs of installation, marketing and maintenance.


We open the door to investment by professionals and private individuals.

Politicians talk about energy transition, we believe they are too late. This has to be a REVOLUTION and as such participatory. Our financing channel is through the tokenization of photovoltaic assets. And investors receive their share of the profit sharing.

Who stands to gain from the ENERGY REVOLUTION?

Photovoltaic is not a new renewable energy source, although it is not yet a majority source despite the fact that society is becoming increasingly aware of it.

There are more and more energy communities, but those who create them assume the costs and responsibilities.

Consumers are paying for energy from fossil fuels or nuclear power on their bills, even though it is more expensive than what the sun provides.

As you can see, despite being a booming market, there is still much room for improvement.

At Valfry Solar we are responsible for the generation of electricity, as well as direct sales. We assume the costs of production, although this requires capital from investors.

Those who join in by helping to finance the purchase of tokens also receive a corresponding benefit.

We all win.


Cheaper electricity bill and no installation cost.


Profitability with legal and economic security.

City Councils

Energy savings and extra income. No initial investment and buying the cheapest electricity.


We generate stable and local employment. Professionals for development and maintenance.


Use of roofs to reduce costs. Creation of stakeholder associations.

Solar promoters

With projects but lacking development, exploitation or financing needs.

Anyone else? The present and our future

The environment, this precious planet that offers us so much, is also a winner.

If you share our desire to give more people access to cheaper, 100% renewable energy, with advantages for everyone, subscribe.

You will receive information about each new project we launch.

Then you decide.

Differences between Valfry Solar and other investments in sustainable projects

What differentiates us from other alternatives is that we are the producers of the energy and we are in charge of the entire process: feasibility study of each self-consumption project, development, installation, sale to the end consumer and the platform for the management of security tokens.
Unlike a cooperative, Valfry Solar is responsible for bearing the costs of implementation, commissioning and marketing of electricity. Therefore, end-consumers do not have to bear any costly upfront investments or liabilities inherent to the business.
Quality control: we make sure that the materials are of the highest quality, we only work with top brands that guarantee that there will not be a decrease in production due to deterioration of the material. If that happens, we will be the first to suffer because we will sell less electricity.
Nor are we an investment platform that connects promoters of sustainability projects with interested investors. The projects are our own and we implement them making sure that they meet our quality standards to make them economically viable.

Do you want to be part of the change?

I am a private individual

Monetize your savings and collaborate by joining the revolution of those who fight to make their actions have a positive impact.

Investment from 50 € in Tokens.

For companies

Guaranteed profitability with all the legal and economic security.

Both for investors and for industries with the capacity to take advantage of their buildings and sites.

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