In the renewable energy sector, there are two options:

Let the usual people generate the electricity, sell it and everything remains the same.
Betting on companies that directly generate and sell photovoltaic energy looking for alternatives to improve the system and that everyone wins..

Photovoltaic power generation for collective self-consumption is a sustainable, profitable and safe alternative.

But that is not enough: for the real energy revolution to take place, we cannot turn our backs on new forms of financing . Making investment available to all, decentralizing investments so that they do not depend on central banks.

Solar energy is clean and can supply private individuals, companies, neighborhoods, municipalities, etc.

A photovoltaic module plant is capable of generating electricity for self-consumption at a price well below what is traditionally paid.

It is the most economical source of energy per kWh and its exploitation is at least 30 years (with the right equipment).

Decentralized finance (DeFi) offers speed of investment, security and immediate liquidity.

Investment through the tokenization of photovoltaic assets, which have a physical asset behind them (the photovoltaic plants) and which are also generating a continuous value (electricity for self-consumption or for sale to the market).

These are investments with a double guarantee that offer more interesting returns than any fund (not even the famous indexed funds) can give you right now.

Join the energy revolution?

At Valfry Solar we are producers of photovoltaic energy and we sell renewable electricity at a fair (real) price to homes and businesses. We analyze the feasibility of each collective self-consumption project, develop it and manage it.


Feasibility study


Project and installation


Sale of electricity


Profit sharing

We are responsible for the whole process. There are no intermediaries here and therefore we can offer investors a higher return.

And now you can be part of it with a minimum investment of 50 € in Tokens.

What is the investment and is it secure?

Investing in Valfry Solar's green energy projects is a commitment to sustainability. In exchange for the financing you will obtain more than interesting and stable benefits.
Every investment has a minimum risk, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. However, Valfry Solar is not an intermediary, but a producer, so your investment is secure as it is backed by a physical asset (the PV plants themselves).
The CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) supervises all operations of Valfry Solar.
The sale of the energy generated is guaranteed: to individuals and companies. The surplus is fed into the grid, which is obliged to buy it.
The purchase of tokens is digitally registered and is just as valid as the purchase of shares in the presence of a notary.

With your contribution you make your savings profitable and contribute to the unstoppable process of transformation towards sustainability.

Leave us your email and we will send you information about our current projects or future opportunities. You will be able to study each project and assess whether it is aligned with your interests and values.

Who benefits from this alternative? Everyone.

We are still a long way from making it possible for everyone to consume electricity from renewable sources. It is also far from 2050, which is the year the European Union has set itself to achieve energy neutrality...

That is why at Valfry Solar we are going all out: we want to create new plants and energy communities from which everyone can benefit, from end consumers to those who share our values for achieving a true ENERGY REVOLUTION and support us with financing.


They use land and roofs of their facilities (buildings, car parks, etc.) to save on electricity costs and to make their citizens pay less.


You choose the project, you invest and you receive returns well above those offered by traditional investment.


High-return investments with the peace of mind that comes from having a physical asset to back it up. Without giving up legal certainty.


The end consumers of each PV plant benefit from the fact that they will be consuming 100% green electricity at a much lower price. They won't be afraid to turn on the oven!


Reduction of one of the most important production costs in the industrial sector. Making the most of your facilities (roofs, parking, floors...) to carry out both individual installations for your company alone and collective installations with other nearby companies, as a community.>


With a viable project and licences granted but without development or exploitation capacity. We help you to finance it with our platform, we co-develop it with you or we buy it from you to start it up.

It is part of Valfry Solar's upcoming photovoltaic power generation projects.

Sow by betting on green energy, enjoy the sun every day and reap benefits for your wallet.

Private investors

Buy tokens from 50 € and be part of a photovoltaic project for collective self-consumption.

Collaborate for a better planet for all and receive in return a monthly interest much higher than what the traditional system offers you.

Professional investors

Designed for specialized asset managers, investment funds, financial institutions, companies and SMEs that share our values.

Safe and profitable investments, starting at €25,000 and aligned with ESG criteria.

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